Looking Towards The Center

As the title says, it’s all about “outside my window” but I used it to today to experiment and learn, using tools that I’ve had available in Adobe and On1 Photo. In this picture I. Used my 18-270mm lens fully extended. After focusing I set the camera up on a delayed shutter so that I would have time to pull the lens back getting more of the scene and getting light trails of the vehicles passing through the round-a-bout. I liked what I ended up with, the light trails lead the eyes to the center and do the same with a fountain near the bottom, largest leading light. What I didn’t like was the sky so I used On1 to give me a grainy layer that I masked out in all the other areas. I also did some blending with this program. I’m. Not saying this is a great piece of work but it is for me. Look through the image and you will see different layers and structures letting the viewer know that you’re inside looking out with motion.


The Start of a Bright and Sunny Day

It’s been a strange year here in southern Ohio, weather wise.

It’s been a strange year hear in southern Ohio weather wise.  We’ve had really good amounts of rain, seems like it rained every week during the week but mother nature gave us some great weekends.  It never really got all that hot during the hot months and in looking back I would say it may have been on the tad cool side.  August, the typical hot and dry month, the month that the grass turns brown and dusty where you hear it crunch under your feet was coolish and wet.  First week or so of September should be in the mid to upper 70’s and dry.  Hold on, we had the rains that worked out perfectly for the fall fertilization of the yards and helping to set up the grounds for the winter applications.  There was the last ditch effort for the crops to both their last bit of rain and heat to help them finish off their growing season.  The melons, tomatoes and corn crops have done very well and it looks like the pumpkin crop is going to have a bumper season, not only selling to individuals but to supplement other areas in the country that didn’t have our luck with the weather.  The past week and a half has been hot, near 90 everyday.  We go back to normal for this time of year in a couple of days. No appreciable rain in the near future so that means less rain which is great for the out door fall festivals.  The crunching of leaves is hear as the colors are starting to show, mostly yellows and browns right now but I suspect that come two weeks from now we will see the oranges, reds and some dark maroons with just a hint of the past years greens.

This is the typical fall morning look where you get the more brilliant colors due to the dust in the air from the crops being taken in.




Wow! It’s Been Awhile

I didn’t realize that it’s been since June that I’ve posted anything on here.  The eclipse has come and gone.  I’ve finished not one but two speaker projects and we are in the process of building what will be our final house.

I’ll start with the eclipse.  I barely got home in time from an appointment to get setup and to take this image.  It was a rush job so fell lucky to have gotten it at all considering how fast it pasted.


Now to update the first speaker project.  As a reminder without going back through this blog I was attempting to duplicate my 1973 Mark IV Frazier speakers.  My original set is now the property on my son-in-law.  He’s offered them back to me but I’ve said no.  I had almost everything I needed to duplicate the dimensions, all I had to do is figure out what some of the components were since not everything is marked.  About the only thing I would change is the 10″ woofer speakers as an upgrade from the simple Dayton 10’s that I have.  The inductors and chokes worked out real well with the info that I could get from them and then transfer to what was available today.  One big improvement in todays equipment is the potentiometers.  The new ones allow for better cross over control.  I found a Dual 1214 turn table in Canada and with my son-in-laws help we procured it.  He has my original.  Something you do not find today is the ability to stack LP’s and walk away only to have to return to change the LP out at the end of the last song.  Yea, yea….insert a CD in a multi changer or a flash drive with MP3’s loaded but it isn’t the same.  I’m hearing that more and more people are realizing how good the OLD DAYS sounded.  Anyway, Greg and I also found the original Sony amp in FL but in this case he gave me my original one and kept the replacement.  It needed a bit of a touch up but is working now.

Here are a couple of finished shots of the speakers.  The tag is something my neighbor made after copying my signature.  I have three styles and can’t make up my mind to what I like the best.

Now the second speaker project.  My son-in-law, Greg, took apart on old set of bookshelf speakers and wanted to build one cabinet with three speakers.  He sent me the dimensions and I made it.  In using left over grill material and paint I had everything went smooth.  Now all he has to do is load it up with the innards, speakers, controls etc.


A Locals Head Shot

It’s been a busy spring this year in the pond.  First we had a hen lay 11 eggs that made it to give life.  The hen even brought the remaining ducklings back to the nest of birth.  I’ve never seen anything like this before.  Long before the typical hen gives up it’s parenting rights this hen did. Not only that, she had a second batch.  Her grand total would have been 13 first round and then 9 on the second round.  She lost six in the first group and it appears 7 in the second group, there are only 7 in the first and they still hang together when resting or sleeping, otherwise they will wonder and explore the pond.  The last batch has only two survivors left.

This is a picture I caught tonight of one of the ducklings from the first wave.  It is one of the more ” I”m not afraid of anything” babies.  I believe if I let it, it would feed from my hand and climb the steps to get up on the deck looking for food.


I Thought It Couldn’t Fly

I Tought It Couldn’t Fly

Today I found this little bird on the deck and thought there’s not enough wing or tail feathers for it to fly. I don’t have any trees close enough for it to fall onto the deck and I haven’t heard or seen any indication of a next being built in the gutters on the house.

All of a sudden it got excited and started flapping its wings and holding its head up with its mouth open wide. Then on of the parents showed up with some food and began to feed it. I noticed that what it brought wasn’t a bug but some objects. After putting 5 or 6 in the little ones mouth the parent flew off. I figured the other parent would be close behind with more food however I was wrong. The little guy hopped up on the lower railing and leaped into the air. This time it landed in the feeder out back. What was interesting here is that the parent was there and kept feeding it even though they were standing in a fresh supply of feed that I had put out. The little one evidentally hadn’t gotten the idea to pickup his own food yet.

A Nesting Mother

The new season is upon us.  Here in the Midwest we are a month early weather wise.  Back in February we had April weather.  Today it was 77 degrees.  The supper cold is probably gone.  I believe this hen is a little confused because she’s made a nest behind a rose bush in one of or flower beds.  She stayed perfectly still as I got within about four feet.